Saturday, 7 August 2010

Dinosaur cupcakes!

These were made with my usual cupcake recipe, the same frosting as last time (dyed green with liquid green food colouring) and dinosaurs crafted out of ready-rolled coloured icing (:
To make the dinosaurs, I just rolled out pieces to the right shapes. I cut part of the head out and used thick white icing to fill it in (to make the teeth), then I used a sharp knife to create the zig-zap pattern. I used a small tube of black icing for the eyes (although, I later realised using an edible black pen would probably work better). The pieces were stuck together using water (:

(the other little red dinosaur you see is my boyfriend's creation xD :P)


  1. These are adorable, very cute!

  2. I love the dinosaurs! Might steal this idea and have a go myself when I get back to uni! :)